Speaker Identification Features Extraction Methods: A Systematic Review

Speaker Identification (SI) is the process of identifying the speaker from a given utterance by comparing the voice biometrics of the utterance with those utterance models stored beforehand. SI technologies are taken a new direction due to the advances in artificial intelligence and have been used widely in various domains. Feature extraction is one of the most important aspects of SI, which significantly influences the SI process and performance. This systematic review is conducted to identify, compare, and analyze various feature extraction approaches, methods, and algorithms of SI to provide a reference on feature extraction approaches for SI applications and future studies. The review was conducted according to Kitchenham systematic review methodology and guidelines, and provides an in-depth analysis on proposals and implementations of SI feature extraction methods discussed in the literature between year 2011 to 2106. Three research questions were determined and an initial set of 535 publications were identified to answer the questions. After applying exclusion criteria 160 related publications were shortlisted and reviewed in this paper; these papers were considered to answer the research questions. Results indicate that pure Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) based feature extraction approaches have been used more than any other approach. Furthermore, other MFCC variations, such as MFCC fusion and cleansing approaches, are proven to be very popular as well. This study identified that the current SI research trend is to develop a robust universal SI framework to address the important problems of SI such as adaptability, complexity, multi-lingual recognition, and noise robustness. The results presented in this research are based on past publications, citations, and number of implementations with citations being most relevant. This paper also presents the general process of SI.

Thursday, August 24, 2017
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